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K20 6th Gear 0.78 Genuine Honda DC5 JDM (Used)

K20 6th Gear 0.78 Genuine Honda DC5 JDM (Used)

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Boost your driving experience with our premium-quality used K20 6th Gear 0.78. This genuine Honda component, specifically engineered for DC5 JDM models, is in perfect working order, offering an economical alternative to new parts without compromising on quality or performance.

Our K20 6th Gear 0.78, with its optimized gear ratio (0.78), significantly enhances your vehicle's top-speed performance and fuel economy. Precision-crafted from superior materials, this authentic Honda part ensures enduring durability and reliable performance under various driving conditions.

Despite being pre-owned, this part integrates seamlessly with your Honda DC5 JDM's transmission system, ensuring a smooth installation process.

Key features of the Used K20 6th Gear 0.78 include:

  • Optimized gear ratio (0.78) for improved top-speed performance and fuel efficiency
  • Genuine Honda part designed specifically for DC5 JDM models
  • Precision-engineered for seamless integration with your Honda's transmission system
  • High-quality materials for enduring durability and reliability
  • Pre-owned part in perfect working order, offering a cost-effective alternative to new components
  • Easy installation process

Transform your Honda DC5 JDM's transmission performance with our used but perfectly functioning K20 6th Gear 0.78. This part offers the same genuine Honda quality and precise fit as new components, but at a more economical price. Order yours today and experience the benefits of improved top-speed performance and fuel efficiency!


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